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Beloit was a New England settlement. The original founders of Beloit consisted entirely of settlers from New England. These people were “Yankees“, that is to say they were descended from the English Puritans who settled New England in the 1600s. They were part of a wave of New England farmers who headed west into what was then the wilds of the Northwest Territory during the early 1800s. Most of them arrived as a result of the completion of the Erie Canal. When they arrived in what is now Beloit there was nothing but dense virgin forest and wild prairie, the New Englanders laid out farms, constructed roads, erected government buildings and established post routes. They brought with them many of their Yankee New England values, such as a passion for education, establishing many schools as well as staunch support for abolitionism. They were mostly members of the Congregationalist Church though some were Episcopalian. Due to the second Great Awakening some of them had converted to Methodism before moving to what is now Beloit and some had become Baptist. Beloit, like much of Wisconsin, would be culturally very continuous with early New England culture for most of its early history.[6][7]

Twelve men in Colebrook, New Hampshire created the “New England Emigrating Company” in October of 1836. They sent a man named Dr. Horace White to find a suitable region of Wisconsin to settle. The level fields and the water power of Turtle Creek, as well as the “unlimited gravel” in the area around what is now Beloit fixed the site of the intended village and farms. Dr. White purchased the land. At the same time as the Colebrook settlers, six families from Bedford, New Hampshire arrived and settled in the region as well. They said that the Rock River Valley had a “New England look”, which made them feel at home. The village was planted in 1838 and was planned with wide streets which built on the New England model.[8]

Beloit was originally named New Albany (after Albany, Vermont) in 1837 by its founder, Caleb Blodgett. The name was changed to Beloit in 1838.[9][10] The name Beloit was coined to be reminiscent of Detroit.[9]

Beloit lays claim to such inventions as the speedometer,[11] Korn Kurls,[12] and John Francis Appleby’s twine binder.[13] Korn Kurls, which resemble Cheetos, are credited with the founding of the snack food industry.[citation needed]

Historic buildings

Beloit’s Water Tower Place began demolition in 1935, which was halted because of the cost. A historic pump station is located nearby.

The Fairbanks Flats were built in 1917 to house the rush of African Americans moving to the area from the Southern United States.

Pearsons Hall of Science was designed by the architectural firm Burnham and Root for Beloit College to use as a science center.

Downtown Beloit and the riverfront

Downtown Beloit is the historical economic, cultural and social center of the community. Located north of the confluence of the Rock River and Turtle Creek, the downtown is anchored by a core of historic buildings and the Ironworks office and industrial campus. Beloit’s riverfront park system, mainly Riverside Park, extends north of the downtown along the east bank toward the Town of Beloit.

Downtown Beloit is one of two inaugural members of the Wisconsin Main Street designation.[14]

Railroad heritage

Beloit was served by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, better known as the Milwaukee Road, and the Chicago & North Western Railroad (C&NW). In its 1980 bankruptcy, the Milwaukee Road disposed of the Southwestern Line. The Union Pacific Railroad, which took over the C&NW, operates in Beloit today over a remnant of the former Milwaukee Road, providing a rail connection to Fairbanks-Morse.[clarification needed] The Canadian Pacific Railway operates other trackage in Beloit.[15] The city also had an electric interurban railroad.[when?]

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Painting Contractor Madison Wisconsin


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