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Contact Mike McGarrity at 608-513-7411 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on our affordable painting services from one of the most respected painting companies in Madison Wisconsin.

As with many other painting companies in Madison Wisconsin, we will never ask for money to bid your next residential or commercial painting work.

There are many painting companies in Madison Wisconsin that you could have chosen to visit today when searching for your next painting contractor in Madison Wisconsin.

We at McGarrity Painting LLC are happy to provide safe and professional painting services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Our professional interior painters and exterior painters are always ready to help our painting customers in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area make the right choices on their painting project.

Whether that is helping you choose just the right paint for your interior painting project or picking put the right color of paint for your next exterior painting project, McGarrity Painting is there for you to help make your painting project happen on time and on budget.

Lead Free Painting Company in Madison Wisconsin

McGarrity Painting LLC is a Lead Free painting company based in Madison, Wisconsin. We use Zero V.O.C paints in all of our exterior painting and interior painting projects which eliminates harmful odors and vapors.

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